Current College Campus Solutions to Global Warming: Fresh Ideas & Inspiration

Campus Activism

Students protested against civil rights violations in the mid-1900s. They burned brassieres to symbolize the end of women’s oppression. They marched and rallied against war while their peers were drafted and died in the Vietnam War.

Today, activism on college campuses has a different feel. Instead of burning effigies of George Bush, students joined to support voters rights and empower youth to take advantage of their Constitutional rights.

Instead of flocking en masse to New Orleans, students raised thousands of dollars for relief efforts, they shipped care packages to families in need and hosted round tables to discuss the inadequacy of the response from the federal government.

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Benefits Of Using A Professional Tender Writer

What is Tender Writing?

Tenders are competitive processes through which governments and corporations invite formal offers for completion of large projects under a contract arrangement. In Australia, any government contract over $250,000 in value must be appointed via a competitive tender process. Tender writing is the process of responding to tenders.

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5 Key Ways To Secure Your Business In Oxford

Business may be booming in Oxford but so too is the crime rate. In June 2015, 509 crimes were reported in the Oxford Central Neighbourhood. This may be lower than a place like London, but it is much higher than in other cities in the UK. The fact is, Oxford is not the safest place to own a business. When a place is popular, it attracts criminals as well as ordinary everyday people wanting to take advantage of the amenities and facilities in a popular town. In order to prevent these criminals striking your Oxford business, follow these crucial steps for your own security.

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